Avon Sales Leadership

AVON'S Advanced Leadership programme is a full or part time work from home self-employed opportunity.

What does Avon leadership involve?

You will recruit and manage your own team of Independent Avon Representatives and as you build your team you will see your earnings grow with each newly appointed team member. You will receive a commission on your team of Independent Representatives based on their sales.

Promoting, training and supporting one of your team members to the qualifying level of Independent Co-ordinator awards you further bonuses. This is in addition to the commissions you will earn on your team.

This is just the beginning of the many rewards in your AVON Advanced Leadership career.

Avon Sales Leadership

Avon Leadership Bonuses

The Leadership Bonuses are fantastic. New Sales Leaders have the potential to achieve an unlimited income.

Avon Sales Leadership

What commission will I receive on my Avon team?

Commission is calculated according to the size and level of your team and you will receive from 4% upwards depending on your level.

You will have full support and training from ourselves to help you grow your business and in achieving and maintaining your Advanced Leadership levels.

Avon Sales Leadership

Start up cost for Avon Sales Leader

Becoming an Avon Sales Leader is FREE!

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